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Our Services

A range of effective & affordable IT services to help you manage your IT budget wisely!

Blended Hands-on IT Training

Practice and Learn from the Experts!

Our IT Training Services are provided by CITWeb Academy.  By investing in the latest technology and attracting expert instructors for both in-person and live online training, we strive to deliver the most efficient and effective experience to our clients for affordable prices. At CITWeb Academy, we remain committed to achieving our vision of becoming the premier IT training service provider.

Our IT training offers is the perfect alternative to the traditional training methods. Take advantage of our Expert Trainers, 100% Hands-on Training, Post-Class Support (PCS), Real & Live Practice Labs (rLABS), Blended, in person & Online Training, Gamification, Certificates and Competitive Pricing and more!

IT Consulting Services

Reliable & Affordable IT Services

Our IT Consulting Services are perfect for customers who are looking for a RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE professional service provider to help them manage their assets.

In addition to our IT Cost Reduction Services; which allows customers to increase their profitability and reduce their operational cost, we do have a variety of consulting services, including, but not limited to, IT project management, IT infrastructure management, Audit & Security, IT staff screening, skills assessment and training, Systems evaluation and implementation.

Core IT Services

Service Quality First!

CITWeb provides different Core IT Services, including, but not limited to, IT systems administration, Web & applications development, IT security and more. Our IT Experts team is located in Canada and in different other countries. Please communicate with us if you have specific needs.

CITWeb provides the most effective and efficient professional core IT services for affordable prices "The right pricing!".
In order to achieve this goal CITWeb started and continuously investing on its internal tools, systems, employees and automating its processes to reduce its own operational costs. This has a direct impact on what customers have to pay for our services.

Our Products

We love innovation and creativity, this is why we are continuously working on new ideas to help fix real problems and find better solutions!

ServiceStatus.Online ® (Coming Soon!)

A professional and affordable Status Web Application to communicate Incidents & maintenances to your internal and external customers. 

Our feature-rich Hosted Status Web Application solution is the affordable alternative to the great products and 
Enjoy the unlimited features, API,  two-factor authentication and more!

Build your Status Web Application today.

ITGuides Online ® (Coming Soon!)

The solution to make your customer's life easier.
A Ready-to-use How-tos Knowledge Base Solution for WebHosting Companies.

This is the alternative to the video and text-based tutorials. Our new concept of How-to tutorials to explain the step-by-step instructions in a visual and interactive way. We do offer a READY-TO-USE Knowledge Base with content to Web Hosting Providers.

Build your Interactive Knowledge Base Solution today.

WH.PerfectDeals.Today ®

Find the Perfect Web Hosting Package that fits your needs.
Compare hundreds of server offers based on pricing and features in one platform.

Our platform is not a simple comparison tool! It's a complex (compares hidden server offers which are not listed in the providers' main websites), intelligent & FREE solution which will help you SAVE money and time!
The platform compares, in a transparent and objective way, your current web hosting product (Dedicated, VPS or GPU Servers) "What do you have and how much do you pay" to the listed offers based on pricing, server features, location and more.
We do focus on comparing Dedicated, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and GPU Servers by listing all the existing offers, not only the top web hosting providers as most comparison tools do. Our Meta-Search Engine is a Multilingual and Multi-currency solution that makes customers', prospects' and webhosting providers' life easier!

About Us

We help businesses spend their IT budget wisely!

With about 20 years of international experience in different areas ranging from training, management, systems administration and security, teams management, process design and optimization, automation to consulting and more, CITWeb was founded with these elements in mind: Quality of Service, Customer Focus, Operational Efficiency and Very Competitive and Affordable Pricing "The Right Pricing".

As a customer, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do I have to pay for my provider's operational inefficiency cost?
  2. Am I wasting my employees' time and training budget on ineffective IT training?
  3. Can I find an alternative provider who can deliver a better service, additional features with an added value for less or for the same price?

CITWeb is a Canadian based IT & Web Service provider. Our goal is to help you resolve these challenges by delivering "The MOST Efficient and Effective IT Services for Affordable Prices".

Our Core Values are: Customer focus and Community engagement, Integrity, Teamwork & Trust, Work/Life Balance, Excellence, Best Service & Employees, Accomplishment, Creativity, Availability, Development, Engagement, Mastery and Yes, we are open-minded.

The Team Behind Our Success

Some of the great people who participated to the success of our projects ...

Our Differentiators ...

We do our best to deliver the best!

Competitive and Affordable Pricing

To be able to deliver the most effective and affordable services to our customers, we are committed to ensure our operational efficiency to allow our customers to pay the right value-based pricing for our services.

Quality of Service

No business can exist and survive without delivering the best possible quality. At CITWeb, we are committed to put our customers' satisfaction first. This cannot be achieved without an excellent quality of service, learning and improving everyday.

Customer Focus

Our customers’ success is our success. We are committed to deliver the best service to our clients and implement continuous improvements.

We live for and by our customers' success.

Experienced and Skilled team

Our experienced and very skilled team is our most important asset. We do our best to hire the right people and invest in our employees to be able to deliver the best service to our customers.

Community Involvement

We are committed to serve the communities in which we live and work.

We are supporting non-profit organizations that make a positive difference in our local communities.

The Best Partners

In order to deliver the best, reliable and affordable service to our customers, We do our best to select the right business partners, with whom we create a win-win-win environment for our customers, us and our partners.

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